Diretores: Howard Greenhalgh

15 08 2008

A-Ha – Angel
Ash – Jesus Says
Ash – Wild Surf
Brian McFadden – Demons
Bruce Dickinson – Tears Of The Dragon
Cast – Beat Mama
Counting Crows – Daylight Fadins
Elton John – Made In England
Elton John – Please
Enigma – Mea Culpa (part 2)
Enigma – Principles Of Lust
Enigma – The Rivers Of Belief
Faithless – Bombs
Gabrielle – Forget About The World
Genesis – Congo
George Michael – Jesus To a Child
Geri Halliwell – Lift Me Up
INXS – Not Enough Time
Iron Maiden – Different World
Iron Maiden – Rainmaker
Iron Maiden – Wildest Dream
Julio Iglesias & Sting – Fragile
Keane – This Is The Last Time
Lighthouse Family – Raincloud
Marillion – Cover My Eyes
Marillion – Dry Land
Marillion – No One Can
Meat Loaf – I’d Lie For You
Meat Loaf – Not a Dry Eye In The House
Melanie C – On The Horizon
Morcheeba – Undress Me Now
Muse – Plug In Baby
Muse – Unintended
Pet Shop Boys – A Red Letter
Pet Shop Boys – Absolutely Fabulous
Pet Shop Boys – Before
Pet Shop Boys – Can You Forgive Her?
Pet Shop Boys – Go West (part 2)
Pet Shop Boys – I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing
Pet Shop Boys – Liberation
Pet Shop Boys – Miracle
Pet Shop Boys – New York City Boy
Pet Shop Boys – Paninaro 95
Pet Shop Boys – Yesterday, When I Was Mad
Placebo – Bruise Pristine
Placebo – Nancy Boy
Placebo – Slave To The Wage
Placebo – Special K
Placebo – The Bitter End
Placebo – This Picture
Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page – Come With Me
Skunk Anansie – Lately
Snap – Rhythm Is a Dancer (Version 1)
Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
Spice Girls – Goodbye
Spice Girls – Too Much
Sting – If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (Version 1)
Sting – This Cowboy Song
Sting – When We Dance
Suede – Everything Will Flow
Suede – The Wild Ones
Sugababes – Caught In a Moment
Suzanne Vega – In Liverpool
System Of a Down – Question!
The Jesus & Mary Chain – Head On
Zero 7 & Sia – Destiny (UK Version)



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